GlobalGayz Africa Madagascar Gay Life in Madagascar;

Unfortunately, however, gay and lesbian travelers need to do a little extra research before planning their trip, because homosexuality is still considered a criminal offense in some African countries while in others it can even be punishable by death. Andry Nirina Rajoelina adopted the title of president of the transition, at the head of a loose coalition of former opposition politicians, and intends to remain in this position until elections are held.

The first step to a safe vacation in Africa is to research your chosen destination carefully.

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  • On November 17, the de facto regime held a unilateral and internationally unrecognized constitutional referendum that sparked an attempted coup by a small group of military leaders, which was resolved after almost three full days of negotiations. While there were no gay or lesbian bars or clubs on the island at the time of writing, there are monthly underground club nights organised by text message.
  • Former president Marc Ravalomanana, democratically elected in is in exile, and the parliament has remained suspended since then.
  • Homosexuality is illegal in the following countries:. Share Pin Email.
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  • Same sex marriage means man marrying to man, and woman marrying to woman, or the decriminalization of sodomy in the country.
GlobalGayz Africa Madagascar Gay Life in Madagascar;

Cependant, selon les Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for , aucun cas de violence dirigé envers les minorités sexuelles n'aurait été signalé au cours de l'année É. Documents earlier than may be found only on Refworld. The World Health Orgazization.

GlobalGayz Africa Madagascar Gay Life in Madagascar;
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