Homosexuals will say that they are born the way they are

Because not all genetically induced characteristics are normal or healthy. In addition, genetic information that supports heterosexual attraction is more likely to be passed to offspring than would homosexual genetic information since homosexual practice does not produce offspring. Share Tweet.

But sexual orientation is fluid, as evidenced by the changed lives of thousands of men and women. Indeed, finding a genetic cause to homosexuality worries many gay rights advocates. Therefore it is natural and good. The problem with using genetics as an excuse to justify behavior is that whatever tendency we might be born with must be considered normal.

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  • Carr Steelman. In such a union, the woman must be wealthy since the parents of the girl will, for a number of years, ask for gifts and services.
  • The predominant characteristics of this marriage are, therefore, the homosexual relations between the partners and the fact that it was regarded as a necessary expedient due to the obstacles erected by the society which hindered extra-marital heterosexual activity. It does, however, create the same set of marriage restrictions that exist in marriages between people of opposite sexes.
Homosexuals will say that they are born the way they are

They discouraged me. In reality, the choice of this expression — which is obviously absurd — indicates that this particular relationship has not been assimilated into the kinship terminology for obvious reasons, but about which they are not aware. Does anyone have any research data to back up the idea of being born gay?

Hines has showed the importance of taking trans parenting into consideration and how parents negotiate their transition with their children.

Homosexuals will say that they are born the way they are
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