If your parents ask if you are gay then be honest

Asked in Celebrity Sexual Orientation, Parenting and Children If your parents say if we find out that you're gay or bisexual we will kick you out is this right UK? Sit closely to the exit of your home. You'll fall for somebody that your parents don't like.

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  • You will have to convince your parents that the source is unreliable and then you will have to convince them that the information is untrue since an unreliable source doesn't always mean that what they say is untrue. She's known of their living arrangement all her life and, therefore, never questioned it.
  • Say what you need to say, then later, once the initial shock is out of the way, you can go back and explain things more eloquently.
  • What are your beliefs on God? Maybe it should be your birth dad that tells her, if it's that important.
  • She's ill. He has not yet publicly stated whether he is gay or not.

Your article reminded me that no matter what we choose to do about our ability to reproduce or adopt or parent, people generally feel they are entitled to judge those choices. I love my life, and it was refreshing to read all the comments of all the child free women from around the world.

I too never wanted children. Unless I keep silent on my sexuality. Nobody is better to have kids and nobody is worse do not have.

If your parents ask if you are gay then be honest
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