It was in order to counter these pressures and organize a counter force that the SNEG was createda s

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  • The few workers it had at its disposal would not have been able to prepare the Surukli camp, let alone to resume the construction of communications. Bernays, Propaganda, trans.
  • It is likely that over time more precisely, with increasing L2 experience even low-frequency L2 words will ultimately have been practiced often enough to have developed sufficiently strong links between the L2 wordform representations and conceptual representations for these to be exploited efficiently in L2 processing and in cross-language tasks.
  • In later stages U for x will decrease, but it will do so more slowly than for y because L2 for x increases slowly.
  • As it applies to the OPM, I use markedness in the following ways: marked phenomena are relatively rare compared to less marked phenomena; if x and y are in a markedness relationship, x is more marked than y if the presence of x implies the presence of y.
  • Intermediate L2 users of English often use the word interesting when a native speaker would say interested, as in I am really interesting to help.

Consider a case of pidginisation with four languages in contact, A, B, C and D more or fewer languages make no difference to my claims , with language A the dominant language. For instance, a visually presented L2 word first accesses its L2 word-form representation; the corresponding L1 word-form representation is then accessed via the link between the two word-form representations; finally, the L2 word form is assigned a meaning via the connection between the L1 word-form representation and the associated meaning representation.

Second language acquisition. A tort!

It was in order to counter these pressures and organize a counter force that the SNEG was createda s
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